What clients say

After playing my new viola now around ½ year and which I bought from you on the exhibition this year in Frankfurt I am really delighted with the sound, the easy playing and the look of this fine instrument. It is always a great pleasure for me playing and hearing my new viola. Thank you again for this wonderful master instrument.

Markus lamm, Germany

Hi Petko, hope you are well. I just thought I'd let you know how satisfied I am with the beautiful violin you've made, I have had trouble putting it down the last couple weeks since I received it. Resonant, warm tone, precise and balanced are some the adjectives I can think of, but more so it just sounds and feels lovely. I have played it with different bows and beside other instruments and its sound has made me smile during these comparisons, a pure delight. I wish you all the best and encourage you to keep crafting these excellent instruments.

Patrick Fritsch, Canada

I wanted just to send a Thank you, as your violin has completely satisfied me. I used to be somewhat critical of myself for always being on the lookout for another violin, but since I got your violin (and I've been using it a lot) I have not looked at another violin again.I hope I can keep it in top shape for a lifetime!

David Baptista, Spain

I am very fortunate in having as main instrument the beautyfull cello that Mr. Petkov made for me in 2008. It is very comfortable and you can feel you are reaching a high quality playing without effort. This instrument produces a very rich sound, full of harmonics, that projects very well and can be heard even at the end of the concert hall. But the feature that I like more is its fine balance. It makes very easy an artistic phrasing.

Alberto Mateo, Spain, Cellist, Chamber Musician and Cello Teacher


I have tried out many modern instruments, but I have never played one with such maturity of sound as my 2009 Piatti Cello by Petko Petkov. I moved to this cello from a 1700's one and it has already surpassed it in sound quality and power. The cello has an antique finish and is overall highly pleasing aesthetically. I am very happy and I can recommend these instruments to anybody - especially for the price!

Aristide du Plessis, cellist, South Africa

After having discussed a violin model, I decided for a Guarneri one. When I first try it, it was exactly the violin I was looking for: powerful and warm. I don't look for any other violin now; I am completely satisfied with it

Yves Le Goffa serious amateur from France

I had the possibility to play one of the newest violins handcrafted by Petko Petkov in 2011.The violin has brilliant and large tone and it responds in all registers. It sounds brilliant in the high registers and deep and dense in the low ones. The tone is exquisite, gentle, Italian .The violin is opened and with great clearness. It was a pleasure to play this instrument.

George Walek , violinist in Berlin Philharmonic, Germany

My violin is model Giuseppe Scarampella -1817.It is handcrafted by Petko Petkov in 2007 .The violin has beautiful varnish and extremely comfortable shape. The sound is soft, even and easy reproductive with a velvet timbre. I am really happy with my violin and I play it with great pleasure

Vania Balabanova violinist in the Opera Philharmonic Society Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Together with my very demanding violin teacher we played the violin handcrafted by Petko Petkov and named Daria . I was very impressed with the full and round sound as much as with the beautiful appearance and impeccable craftsmanship. My teacher agreed with me completely. She also impressed upon me how easy this violin plays; you do not have to work it She also added that we can now concentrate on tone and not just on playing notes. Listen to the depth of the G strings and how the E-string sings I am very happy with your violin she said Play it every day and please leave your other violin in its case I could not agree more.

Johan DiemerVictoria, Canada

I am really impressed and happy to play the violin made by Mr.Petko Petkov .My violin is made inspired by model A.Stradivarius 1715.It has a beautiful sound, balance all register, has its own timber; it is so easy to play and has perfect workmanship. I highly recommend the violin to all my friends and in general. I would like to thank to Mr.Petko Petkov and his family for helping me so much during the stage one until final stage of the making my violin. They are so friendly ,understanding ,fast feedback the e-mail ,update progress photo of the violin ,its a wonderful experience.

Pet Nicodemus Goh, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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