Petko Petkov was born in Kazanlak ,Bulgaria in 1975.

After graduating from the secondary school he worked with the company "Cremona"in Kazanlak.

Since 1997 he has devoted himself to the violin making under the guidance of Master Vladko Naidenov, who is one of the most distinguished hereditary violin makers in Bulgaria. Since 1999 he has his own workshop where he has build more than 270 instruments for professional musicians and serious amateurs. Petko Petkov handcrafts master violins, violas and violoncellos.

For the elaboration of his instruments he uses well seasoned woods with Bulgarian origin and excellent acoustic qualities. The Balkan Maple and Spruce are world famous for its qualities and preferred by all the makers. Petkov has his own store with old seasoned woods and he uses materials that are at least 20 years old, personally selected by him.

Many of his fine instruments are in possession of musicians from Japan ,Malaysia ,Indonesia,Singapore ,USA,Canada,Spain ,Greece ,Switzerland ,Germany ,ect.

-Member of the Board of Management of the National Luthier Association Bulgaria.
-Violin Society of America (VSA)
-Club of the Culture Activists Kazanlak.

Participation in Competitions 

-International Violin Making Competition in USA, Portland, Oregon,2008, organized by VSA
-Eufonia 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria
-International Vioin Making Competition in Germany ,Mittenwald ,2014

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